3 Steps for the Beginner Real Estate Agent

Thanks to my family and friends for reading my first blog post. I would like to give a special thanks to my mom for putting me into contact with local Arizona Real Estate Agent, Hillary Gurley. Hillary is the first experienced agent in the field to advise me on where to start. So far, she has given me three solid pieces of advice:

  1. Focus on the Exam

I had already signed up through ASREB for the required 90-hour course but after Hillary suggested that I focus on the exam, I went straight to the Pearson Vue website to get the candidate handbook (linked below). Here I found the National Exam Content Outline and the Arizona State Law Examination Content Outline. Both Tests must be passed to obtain your RE License. In total, there are 210 questions to be answered and 5 hours allotted for the test. The test covers a wide range of topics that are going to need more than a 90-hour course to understand and internalize.


  1. Research Brokerage Websites

After you have passed the exam, it is now time to choose what Real Estate Agency to “hang” your license with, she told me. Apparently, each agency offers different forms of support as well as different commission splits.

“There are brokerages that let you keep 100% of your commission, but offer no support and brokerages take up to 35% with a lot of support.” In the beginning, Hillary recommended I go with someone who is going to offer more support in the training department to learn the ropes. She also recommended not to go with a 100% brokerage until I am well experienced.

  1. Take the Free DISC Profile

The last piece of advice she gave me was to go to wizehire.com and do the free DISC profile. This test helps measure HOW you like to get things done and WHY you are motivated to do them. Hillary said that Real Estate Brokerages refer to DISC profiles all the time when they are hiring. Most team leaders are high D’s, someone whose approach to problem solving and obtaining results is very quick and assertive. High D’s tend to take an active and direct approach and are willing to take more risks. Team Leaders, she said, are looking for people who are high S’s or high C’s. A high S is more controlled, deliberate and predictable. These people are loyal to a team and organization and are very patient. A high C values rules, standards, and procedures and like things to be done the right way per the operating manual.

After taking the test, I discovered that I am a high I, S, and C. Along with being controlled, deliberate and valuing rules and standards, a high I tends to meet new people in an outgoing manner and is very open and interactive with people they have just met.


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